Cruz & Cruz – Network Factory, started its activity in 1981 with the production of fishing nets.

In 1989, the company made an investment in the construction of a new unit and in new looms, which

sports and protection, in particular for football fields, golf courses, construction, snow-capping in the mountains and nets for handling cork stoppers.

In 1990, he specialized in networks for flight parks of game birds and mammals, such as partridge, pheasant, ducks, rabbits, etc. This is a very easy to handle, easy to place, rugged network that is excellent value for money, having a minimum duration of 10 years.

The network market is very competitive, with a lot of competition and low prices, in which the quality of Cruz & Cruz networks coupled with the seriousness with which the company operates has allowed us to continue to improve the trust and dedication of our customers.

In order to respond to the new market requirements, both national and international, the company has made a continuous investment in technology and research and development.

The evolution of the markets is a constant and we are always attentive to the needs of our customers.

Networks are always made to customer specifications.

Over the years, we have been doing the most elaborate market research possible, thus improving our Know-How.

As a final result we have customer satisfaction.